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Update - Monday 25th February 2019

We're very sorry to announce that the video game consoles category on Newly Listed has been disabled with immediate effect. This decision was not taken lightly as we know how many of you used it to find the deals on eBay. There are a number of reasons as to why we've done it, and we will do our best to explain why.

eBay has changed a lot in recent years, it's gone from being a friendly auction site where people sell stuff they no longer want/need for a fair price to a site littered with resellers. It's nearly impossible to pick up games at car boot sales and on Facebook Marketplace now (because of resellers) so the only place left to get them is eBay.

Quite simply, newly listed items is the only place you can find gaming bargains on eBay in 2020. We got a lot of flack when this site was launched, comments such as "underhanded", "not fair" etc were thrown about, rude messages were sent to us on Facebook and there was just a lot of negativity. We ignored all this and gave our users the opportunity to get great deals on eBay, for free.

In the space of a year the site went from having a few game collectors using it to dozens of people every day and ultimately, more users equals less bargains/deals to be found on eBay. Also, running this tool isn't cheap and in the last year we've had just one donation. With fewer deals to be had and a lack of support from our users we see no other option but to shut down the video game consoles category.

You'll be pleased to know that the video games category is still available, there are still some great deals to be had there.

Update - Monday 11th February 2019

We've made the decision to remove the mobile phones category due to new API restrictions put in place by eBay. Without a lot of development work and additional servers we can no longer provide a real time feed for this category. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Update - Monday 24th September 2018

Regrettably we've made the decision to discontinue the Lego and Warhammer feeds. This decision was made due to the ever increasing server costs (which are funded out of my own pocket) and wasn't taken lightly.

Due to API restrictions each eBay category requires two processing servers and because of the nature of our service eBay cannot increase our limit.

If you'd like to see a specific feed or category on this website then please get in touch and we can work something out.

Thank you for your understanding.