This tool was originally created to help grow my gaming collection, now that I've done that I've decided to share it with others who wish to do the same.

How does it work?

There is a short period of time where an eBay listing is live but isn't on the website or in the app. This tool picks up those items in this "inbetween" period and displays them on your screen realtime. On average you will get a 30 second head start over users of the app and eBay website so use this to your advantage!

The website

Hundreds of hours of development have gone into building this tool and the technology behind it. Although the website is simple in design the workings behind it are not and it's been a labour of love to develop and maintain. The site requires 4 servers to operate which aren't cheap to run and it's funded completely out of my own pocket. If you've found a good deal using this website then please consider making a small donation towards it's running costs.

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